Extraordinary Works in Special Places

Bespoke elements and installations feature on almost all USL projects. Everything we build and provide is unique to you and your project.  

Whether it’s detailed forged metalwork, highly polished stainless steel, glazing, bespoke joinery or furniture, carving or stonework, our results are of exceptional and unrivalled quality. 

From the outset, we work closely together with you to understand your brief and your exact requirements. Whether you require an architect or a full professional team, we will provide a bespoke tailored service to turn your vision into reality. 

Commissions – From Concept to Construction

Our passion for architectural detail means that we always proceed from a point of analysis; we believe in thinking innovatively to design the best layouts for a property or feature, making certain that form and function work hand-in-hand to meet the client’s expectations.

We have extensive background in heritage construction and are specialists in sourcing and working in rare traditional materials and finishes such as: limestone, septaria, decorative stone, faience, marbles, specialist bricks, mosaics and stucco. 

Our impressive portfolio contains numerous unique commissions such as: hand carved master-pieces, waterborne structures, bridges, museum exhibition rooms, windmills, rising stages, commemoration plaques, statues and architectural features.  


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