Safeguarding & Preserving Threated Sites

It goes without saying that old and ancient sites have an intrinsic value to today’s communities. USL have completed a number of high-profile conservation projects acting as Principal Contractor directly for English Heritage, local authorities and other heritage organisations.

With an aim to retain as much of the original fabric as possible; USL’s conservation approach for Ancient Sites is designed to primarily create a more stable ruin and to minimise any intervention to prevent any aesthetic change to the existing masonry.

Conservation, repairs and maintenance of Heritage and Boundary Walls

Traditionally constructed walls are a characteristic feature across the UK and are treasured hallmarks within towns and villages.

Traditional walls are crucial to our street scenes as they delineate streets, pavements and pathways and can often have a strong bearing on the character of an area. Numerous boundary walls will be of historic and architectural value in addition to listed as Scheduled Monuments or on Historic England Register. One of the most important features of any boundary wall is often a consistent appearance. This means that unsympathetic alterations or demolition can result in a negative impact on the street scene.

USL has extensive experience in organising and carrying out full conservation programmes to both stone and brick heritage walls and ruins incorporating; full site surveys and inspections, removal of regrowth and roots, stone cleaning, specialist material sourcing, re-bedding and repointing of masonry or bricks, lime mortar repairs, flint and clunch repairs.

As with all ancient monuments, inevitably repairs have been completed over the centuries, with some attempts at restoration being rather more zealous than others. We believe in extremely sensitive conservation and removal process, which allowed the ruin or wall to retain its current shape.

Sourcing Material for Conservation

Our ‘Advice and Sourcing’ specialists can help you find the right material for your project to achieve the aesthetic and meet performance. No matter what the request, we’ll advise on the selection drawing on our wealth of in-depth knowledge, expert care and varied range of trusted quarries and suppliers.  We are experts in sourcing specialist bricks and stones, such as; Crag stone, Caen, Flint, Septaria, Saddleback brick specials, and Henley Black imperials.

Over the years, we have restored various memorable locations such as: Colchester Castle and Balkerne Gate Walls, Greyfriars Priority, Colchester’s Roman Walls, Clare Castle Park, Marlowe Theatre and Canterbury Heritage Walls, Pevensey Castle and Abney Park Walls.  Click here to view case studies. 

If you have a traditional wall, ancient sites or questions regarding brick or stone wall restoration, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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