Client: Suffolk County Council
Category: Scheduled Monument
Contract Duration: 18 Weeks
Architect: Tim Buxbaum
What we did...
  • Restoration & Conservation
  • Stone Masonry
  • Flint Wall Reconstruction
  • Extensive Repointing

USL was pleased to undertake the conservation work at Clare Castle in Suffolk to restore the motte and bailey.

Located in Clare Castle Country Park, it is a beautiful nature reserve with a fascinating history and heritage. Clare Castle is a high-mounted ruinous medieval castle in the parish and former manor of Clare in Suffolk, England, anciently the caput of a feudal barony. It was built shortly after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 by Richard Fitz Gilbert, having high motte and bailey and later improved in stone.

The castle now consists of a motte, on which a part of the keep still stands and the outer bailey earthworks; fragments of the inner bailey stone wall can also still be seen.

Works Undertaken:

Phase 1 works to the Keep Wall

- Design, erection and dismantling of scaffold to provide access to the walls of the keep to both faces and the returns. Repointing, grouting and rebuilding areas of flint walling including consolidation work, installation of Helibar ties and rough racking to wall heads.

Phase 2 Works to the Low Wall

- Design, erection and dismantling of scaffold to both sides of the wall to carry out repointing, consolidation, installation of Helibar ties and rough raking to the top of the flint walling, located to the left-hand side of Lady’s Walk. With the castle being located at the top of a hill we had to organise a method of setting up a site around the castle. This also meant that a method of how to get the much needed materials up to the castle needed to be planned and assessed. This was done by a mobile crane which meant that all scaffold and materials needed for the site had to be managed and organised for the day of the lift.

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The keep, made of flint, was probably constructed in the thirteenth century replacing a previous wooden structure.

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