New Project – Urgent Repairs at the Interesting SHORNEMEAD FORT

26 September, 2022

USL is pleased to announce another interesting conservation and urgent repair project at SHORNEMEAD FORT in SHORNE, Kent.

A hidden piece of history in Shorne Marshes Nature Reserve (owned and managed by RSPB). Although, Shornmead Fort is not a Scheduled Ancient Monument nor Listed Building, it is still considered a non-designated heritage asset, landmark and a place of local interest.

Collaborating with The Morton Partnership, USL will be carrying out vital repair works including; cutting back of overhanging concrete and brickwork to a position where the material is not in danger of falling.  Our team will be making sure that the site is safe through the process of defrassing all loose surface material and fill voids.

This hidden piece of history has had an interesting existence...this fort was one of a number built to protect the Thames Estuary in the late 19th Century, after the Royal Commission of the country's defences, although it is built of the site of an earlier battery. Unfortunately, much of the fort, including the barrack block, was demolished in the 1960s, and only the fronts of the casemates and underground passages and magazines remain. The fort is now in a mostly destroyed condition with only the front of the casemates standing above ground. It remains an interesting structure in our natural landscape.

We look forward to showcasing photos from our this fort ruins project.

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