Natural Stone | Sustainable by Nature with a Host of Benefits

30 August, 2023

Did you know that Natural Stone has 30% less CO2 per 1kg than concrete and is the ideal sustainable material for architects, clients, and specifiers.

We are increasingly becoming aware of the carbon impacts on buildings, architecture, construction and retrofitting heritage buildings with the need to achieve sustainable solutions, net zero carbon and efficiency.

Natural stone is once again taking centre stage as a sustainable solution and a durable alternative to building materials such as concrete, composites, steel and ceramics. By comparison, man-made alternatives can start to lose their visual appearance and need renewal much sooner often long before they have lost their structural integrity.

Most notably there is simply less processing required when using natural stone. It is quarried, cut, transported, installed, and finished. Quite often it will then also be restored and recycled. The processing required to manufacture faux marble or limestone is far more complex, produces higher emissions and requires more chemicals.

Natural stone has a host of positive qualities. It is climate-smart, sustainable and durable while offering a low life cycle cost. Importantly, its aesthetic qualities mean that it contributes to a better environment for our planet.

Overwhelming Benefits of Natural Stone:

  • Natural Beauty with aesthetic properties
  • Stone appearance improves with age
  • Wide variety of natural colours and variations
  • Favoured by craftspeople and stonemasons
  • Versatility, flexibility and workability - Natural stone can be shaped, trimmed and chiselled to take on any specifications without losing any colouration or effect.
  • Numerous building and conservation applications
  • Offers local individuality – as a regional material
  • Resistant to fading
  • Natural durability
  • Used for masonry, traditional carving and etching.
  • Naturally sustainable & recyclable
  • Cost-effective compared to artificial products
  • Can we restored or repair by chemical-free methods

No other building material is as recyclable as natural stone. Nearly 100% of stone from deconstructed projects is recyclable and able to be used on other projects.  Recycled stone has the potential to serve many different uses and purposes over its lifetime. Salvaging and recycling stone is a very viable option and a sustainable way to ensure that the useful life of the material will be lived out to its fullest. Natural stone is shown to reduce costs by 40% over 50 years, primarily thanks to lower maintenance costs.

Environmentally, utilising recycled stone can eliminate the energy, water, and other resources needed to generate new products from virgin or raw material sources, ultimately reducing or avoiding impacts on ecosystems and resource supplies.

Heritage conservation emphasises the recycling and salvaging of natural materials by disassembling, reforming, or refinishing. Stone fragments can also be adhered together to create a completely new design or appearance.

If you want to know more about natural stone, sustainability and how it can benefit your next project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We work with natural stone quarries throughout the UK and can help you source the best local stone for your requirements.

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