National Mills Weekend | Celebrating Traditional Wind and Watermills with a Project Share

07 May, 2020

Did you know that this upcoming weekend is also National Mills Weekend.  9-10 May will be an online celebration of traditional wind and watermills.

Windmills and watermills are some of our landscape’s best-loved structures. These buildings are rooted in the nation’s agricultural life and are an integral part of the food supply chain.

In the 1930s Britain's mills were quickly disappearing from the landscape. Many traditional milling businesses were folding from the 1880s onwards, after the arrival of roller milling, the availability of steam power and changes to UK farming and grain production.

To share our appreciation for these hugely important industrial buildings, we are sharing with you one of our mill projects.  We are extremely proud to have worked on the restoration of Bocking Windmill in Essex.  This Grade I listed post mill is constructed with a two-storey roundhouse. It has two Common sails and two Spring sails carried on a wooden Windshaft. Two pairs of millstones are located in the breast and the mill is winded by a tailpole.  Today, this fully restored mill (Church Street Bocking) is protected by the ‘Friends of Bocking Windmill.

We look forwards to visiting this fascinating heritage site once again.



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