Nanolime Treatments for Consolidating Weathered Stone

24 May, 2023

USL recently carried out conservation and stone repair works to St John Great Amwell near Ware. The medieval church was in need of urgent stone repairs to all elevations of the tower. The stonework which comprised of Clunch and flint elements required urgent conservation intervention to reduce further decay and weathering.  The project included conservation works with stone cleaning, stone masonry and mortar repairs, new stone replacements, repointing and Nanolime treatment.

Use of Nanolime

USL employed the use of Nanolime in the treatment of historic stonework against decay and increased weathering.

CaLoSiL® is a ready to use stone consolidator, which contains calcium hydroxide nano-par-ticles stably dispersed in different alcohols. Used for structural conservation and consolidation of stone. Consolidation of decaying stone is required in order to increase its durability and prevent or reduce further decay from weathering, moisture or pollution.

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To read more about USL works at St John, Great Amwell. Click here. 

Case study showing the use of nanolime on decaying stonework

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