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16 March, 2022

Universal Stone has always been a big supporter of apprenticeships and the particular nature of our business; restoration, construction and stone masonry, very much lends itself towards this.

We have an established apprenticeship programme to raise skill levels, promote heritage craft trades and create sustainable job opportunities.  In the past, we have provided placements for apprentice bricklayers in partnership with a local technical college at Cedars Park, Broxbourne in addition to stone mason apprenticeships through Building Crafts College.  

Our exposure to specialist heritage projects offers invaluable hands-on experience for young people as well as mentoring, support and guidance from our highly experienced senior level employees.  

What we offer:

  • Regularly provide collaboration opportunities to offer career development/talks, curriculum support and work experience opportunities.  
  • Passionate about promoting heritage restoration.
  • Improving craftsmanship and technical skills in construction. 
  • Creating opportunities for work experience & mentoring. 
  • Collaborations with the local community and education. 
  • Training curriculum with introductory stone masonry CPD.

To find out more about USL apprenticeship programmes, community engagement, stonemasonry training and awareness course, kindly contact our friendly head office.

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