24 March, 2020


At Universal Stone Ltd, the health, wellbeing and safety of our people as well as our clients is paramount. As the situation continues to develop, we thought it important to write to you and offer our reassurance that we are working continually to minimise the risks of this pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In the coming weeks it is inevitable that some activity may be affected, however we are confident that our policy ensures that disruption will be kept to a minimum and we are able to maintain our services whilst following all the government guidance.

Please see below the details of the measures we have put in place to mitigate the risk, together with the practical guidance we have given to our staff. As the situation develops and the government guidance changes; our working practices and responses will change to accommodate the current situation.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the impact our new policy might have on our Clients visiting our sites. Firstly, please be assured we are regularly engaging with our teams about public health precautions and ensuring that they are fit and healthy enough to continue working. Secondly, before meeting with anyone during the normal course of business, we will enquire as to their Coronavirus status. If they are considered a Coronavirus risk, they will not be permitted to attend meetings in person. Finally, before attending any site, everyone should enquire as to whether there are any suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus on site. If there are cases, you should not attend the property unless absolutely essential.

Business Operational Measures we are observing in response to COVID-19

Our office will observe the enhanced public health measures below:

• Where required to travel, our employees will be encouraged not to use public transport. Where public transport is the only option, they are encouraged to travel outside of peak times.

• We are advising our employees not to attend client meetings in person unless absolutely necessary. All efforts should be made for the meeting to take place using tele. or video conferencing.

• Our office will continue to operate as normal, whilst observing the enhanced public health measures.

• Staff that are at a greater risk of infection will be able to work from home.

• A rolling programme of communication to all our staff. This is done through email, office posters, Internet, WhatsApp, video conference call team meetings and communications.

• Our office has anti-bacterial gel and anti-bacterial wipes available.

• Wherever practical all large meetings and events will be cancelled.

• All of our people to be communicated with in an open and clear manner to encourage those with specific health concerns to raise them.

• All staff to advise the Directors, if they develop any symptoms of Coronavirus, however mild and to self-isolate for 14 days.

Providing continuity of service during a period when Universal Stone employees are working from home.

• Our professional and client-facing teams have laptops and smartphones to enable remote working.

• Skype and VPN technologies mean that our employees are able to access/connect to team members and all USL business systems remotely.

• Our teams will remain productive and still be able to effectively support our clients.


If we have a suspected case of Coronavirus in the USL office:

1. The Directors should be notified and kept in continual communication.

2. If the suspected case is a member of the USL office staff team, they should self-isolate immediately and analyse who the person has worked closely with in the period immediately prior to diagnosis / selfisolation.

3. Current guidance from the government is that the office will need to be deep cleaned and sanitised.

4. This may require the office to close temporarily.

5. Once the cleaning work is complete the office should re-open and operate as normal.

Please ensure that the above Protocols are followed.

Thank you again for your on-going support and understanding,

The Management Team at Universal Stone Ltd.