From Portsmouth to Normandy – We Remember the Legacy of Liberation

05 June, 2024

As we follow the D-Day veterans from Portsmouth to Normandy, remember those who gave their lives to liberate Europe on D-Day, 80 years ago. 'Risking their lives to liberate people they had never met'.

D-Day: 80th Anniversary On the 6th of June we will honour the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings. On this date in 1944, Allied forces launched a massive amphibious assault on the beaches of Normandy, France, to liberate Western Europe from Nazi occupation.

Involving 156,000 troops, the D-Day landings marked a pivotal moment in World War II.

To mark this significant milestone, The UK Charity - PTSD Resolution is launching a new short film to raise awareness of the mental health issues faced by Veterans - and the support available to them. The charity provides free and effective therapy for the mental welfare of Forces' Veterans, Reservists and their families, and the newly launched film

The charity is highlighting the often-overlooked struggles of veterans, reservists and their families as they cope with the psychological impact of their service.

USL proudly supports the Commonwealth Graves Commission through conservation and restoration.

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