USL has a long history in the stone and heritage industry and our passionate experts are on hand to help with both traditional and contemporary requests.

Our ‘Advice and Sourcing’ specialists can help you find the right material for your project to achieve the aesthetic and meet performance. No matter what the request, we’ll advise on the selection drawing on our wealth of in-depth knowledge, expert care and varied range of trusted suppliers.

Our works cover all areas of external masonry, internal stonework, decorative, paving, cladding, brickwork, specialist roofing, metalwork, hard landscaping and more. We characteristically consult and work with a diverse collection of materials ranging from, natural stone, limestone, sandstone, granite, terracotta, brickwork, faience, septaria, concrete, marbles, specialist bricks, mosaics and stucco. We’ll advise on the suitability of different materials to match your build and conservation requirements.

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