One of the Oldest Refectory in England Undergoes Conservation to Restore Gable Walls.

15 August, 2019

USL were pleased to complete works at Refectory at Dover College.

Dover College is set in the grounds and ruins of the Priory of St Martin, this fascinating medieval 12th (circa 1139) Refectory was in need of restoration and repairs to the gable walls.  USL were pleased to carry out these works whilst the ‘Eating Hall’ remained open for the students and staff.

The restoration project at the Refectory involved the sensitive conservation repairs and stabilisation of the East and West Gable walls (both externally and internally).  On completion, both internal gable walls were re-plastered and re-decorated to restore this Scheduled Monument and a Grade II listed building, dating back to it’s original 12thcentury glory.

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