Façade Cleaning in Action: DOFF cleaning results at St Peter’s Notting Hill

23 September, 2019

Our teams of stone masonry experts are on location at St. Peter’s Notting Hill, undertaking the impressive façade restoration and cleaning of this Grade II listed Victorian church on Kensington Road.  

This cleaning masterpiece is utilising an innovative steam cleaning system DOFF. It reaches temperatures of 150°c and removes all kinds of moss, algae, fungi and any other biological matters including spores. The DOFF cleans masonry and stonework using its high temperature system with a low volume of water gently and safely insuring no damage to the original surface.

The photos below demonstrate the remarkable results achieved via this process.  

Preworks condition at St Peter's

All of our members of staff are full trained and experienced in both traditional and innovative stone cleaning techniques.  We are more than happy to offer advice on upcoming projects and requirements.  

If you would like more information on the spectrum of cleaning methods available, kindly contact us on 01245 326 721.