Masonry Cleaning – We use ‘Heritage Approved’ Methods.

25 August, 2019

It is very important to select the most appropriate cleaning method suited to a particular façade, which is reliant upon numerous factors such as construction material, stone, brick, wood, as well as the degree and nature of decay/soiling and the extent of decline.  

USL has significant and extensive experience of carrying out masonry and all façade cleaning works to both listed and non-listed buildings.  

We use the latest masonry cleaning systems, nebulous cleaning, JOS/TORC® (low pressure vortex web cleaning), DOFF® (superheated pressure steam cleaning) and ThermaTech® Systems which do not risk further damage to surfaces or structures during the removal of atmospheric pollutants and manmade coatings.  

All of our members of staff are full trained and experienced in both traditional and innovative stone cleaning techniques.  We are more than happy to offer advice on upcoming projects and requirements.  

If you would like more information on the spectrum of cleaning methods available, kindly contact us on 01245 326 721