Engaging with your Congregation to shape a Church’s Future.

30 January, 2020

It is often viewed that the structural restoration of a Church or Place of Worship is firmly linked to the renewal of the faith and the renewal of all parish associated buildings. These two challenges, though tackled in very different ways, are the two sides of the same coin, forming the two complementary parts of many Renewal projects.

While restoration programmes seek to preserve the unique historical and cultural patrimony that affords buildings, renewal projects seek to deepen relationships whilst improving the community at large through dedicated engagement and outreach. 

At USL, we understand the importance of preserving and engaging with your community to galvanised support.

How are we helping churches and Places of Worship across the UK?

  • USL will fully support you in your restoration or reordering project.

  • Provide specialist expertise on all construction elements for both Listed and Non-listed buildings.

  • Experienced in grants/funding procedures and requirements.

  • Years of project experience with English Heritage, National Trust, National Churches Trust, HLF and numerous other conservation trust bodies.

  • Your partners in growing your community engagement, fundraising initiatives and events.

  • Enabling ‘Hard Hat Tours’ and ‘Heritage Open Day’ visits to increase engagement.  

  • We ensure your buildings and congregation are safe and secure during the works process. 

  • We are mindful to minimise any disruptions to the building’s day-to-day operations. 

We will collaborate with you to help you visualise the full potential of your building.  To find out more about our restoration and engagement projects, have a look at our Places of Worship case studies.