Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2022

09 March, 2022

As well as celebrating #InternationalWomensDay on March 8th, we’re also in the midst of the 24th annual #WomenInConstructionWeek.

This week is about showing appreciation for the women who have taken the bold step to enter the construction industry and also to encourage more women to consider a career in construction as more and more opportunities are available for women in the industry.

According to Go Construct, women make up around 14 percent of construction industry professionals with this number set to rise with more females considering a career in construction, homebuilding and associated industries.  We are proud to have a diverse team here at USL.

The stigma around women working in construction has reduced drastically and this is thanks to the support of organisations such as the National Association of Women in Construction which you can find at @nawicukire.

NAWIC is an international not-for-profit association dedicated to the advancement of women in the construction industry.

In addition to wonderful charities that bring mental health issues in construction to the forefront.
The @lighthouseconstructioncharity is available to support the woman and men in the construction industry 24/7, offering free and confidential support to them and their families.

24/7 FREE Support for mental, physical & financial wellbeing to the construction industry & trades.  If you need support, contact their Construction Industry Helpline👇🏼
📞 0345 605 1956


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