USL enjoys working with a diverse range of subcontractors of varying sizes. We have built up a comprehensive list of high performing supply chain partners, which we value and continue to work with.

We see our supply chain as much more than just sub-contractors, tradespeople and suppliers. Our performance depends directly on them. So we make huge efforts to choose the right companies and skilled individuals, and to maintain and improve our relationships with them over the long term.

Working with SMEs, tradespeople and local businesses

USL is committed to a local supply chain/contractors wherever possible. Working with local companies brings a range of benefits: local knowledge, skillset, local people, support for the local economy and a smaller carbon footprint.

How to Become an Approved Contractor & Part of our Supply Chain

Interested in working with us? Kindly fill out the form below and one of our head office team members will get in contact with you.

    If possible, kindly attach a company profile or updated CV with past project involvement.

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